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Understand what it takes to start a successful business in 2018
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Take what's already working & translate that into a plan to take your company to the next level
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Q: Why Are You Giving This Away for Free?
A: We believe that the information contained in this book can make a real impact in the lives of our audience. We believe this is the best way for new customers to learn about our brand and invest in our products in the future.


Q: How Much Does Shipping Cost?
A: The book is FREE. All we ask is that you cover the cost to ship which is $6.95.


Q: Are There Any Hidden Costs or Catches?
A: There is no "catch" to this offer. Claiming your free copy will not sign you up for any subscriptions or trials. Just cover the cost to ship, and the book is yours, no strings attached.


Q: How Long Before I Receive the Book?
A: Your order will be processed immediately and you will receive the book within 8-10 business days.


Q: Who is ClydeBank Media?
A: ClydeBank Media is an independent publisher that authors simplified Business, Finance and Technology QuickStart Guides available in a variety of formats. 

Q: Why Isn't Shipping Free?
A: We commissioned a small print run for this promotion. We covered the cost to print but we ask that you cover the cost to ship. We don't make money on the cost to ship, it simply covers our hard cost to send the book to you.


Q: Will I Receive the Paperback Copy?
A: Yes, we will be shipping you the paperback copy. It's the full title that we sell on Amazon and to our distributors. If you would like to purchase the eBook version so to begin reading right away you can do so at checkout.


 Q: What If I Don't Like the Book?
A: If you don't like the book simply contact us at and we will refund the cost to ship. You don't need to send the book back to us.


Q: Is My Information Safe?
A: We uses industry-standard information security and data protection software so your information is safe. We don't share your information to third parties and we never send spam mail.